• About us

    SparkMedia is a company specialised in launching and distributing webapplications.

    We modify existing webapplications to make them multiuser, multicompany or multilanguage as commissioned by the client. Depending on the type of webapplication, we construct a specific platform to easily distribute, manage and maintain across the world wide web.

    We start high-level with a similar approach on each project but often need to switch to a project-specific one because no two projects are the same or require the same functionalities.

    Do you have a project you'd like to distribute? Contact us and ignite the possibilities!

  • Projects


    Inspectr: a multicompany and multiuser survey platform.


    Servm: a multicompany, multiuser and multilanguage planning and invoicing platform.


    DigiNotes: a multiuser and multilanguage solution for projects.


    PiXEND PRO: an e-commerce platform designed for photographers.


    Efficienza: a multicompany, multiuser and multilanguage absence management platform.

    More applications coming soon.

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    • Lokeren - Belgium
    • info@sparkmedia.be
    •          BE 0507.781.934

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